Liverpool’s Attack Was The Fastest, Man City’s Was The Slowest

LONDON: Liverpool are currently at the top of the English Premier League and the latest statistics prove why Jurgen Klopp’s squad deserves to be there.

Attacking speed has been the mainstay of Liverpool’s victories this season – with 1.96 meters per second (m/s) recorded to be the fastest team in attack.

In second place, Everton and West Ham recorded 1.94m/s, while Nottingham Forest was third at 1.93m/s.

Luton Town, who are 18th in the league, are fourth at 1.92m/s, followed by Manchester United (1.89m/s) and Bournemouth (1.87m/s).

Crystal Palace and Sheffield United are tied at 1.80m/s while Brentford record 1.79m/s.

Aston Villa averaged 1.74m/s, while Tottenham Hotspur – who were plagued by injuries – at 1.72m/s.

Fulham (1.69m/s), Newcastle United (1.68m/s), Chelsea (1.67m/s) and Wolverhampton Wanderers are below Spurs while Brighton and Hove Albion at the top of group three is dropped at 1.59m/s.

Arsenal and Manchester are in the last three groups with records of 1.54m/s and 1.26m/s. Burnley are in the middle of the pack of championship contenders at 1.45m/s.