Haaland Criticized Referee On Social Media

MANCHESTER, England: Erling Haaland faces possible disciplinary action after complaining about referee Simon Hooper on social media following Manchester City’s dramatic 3-3 draw with Tottenham early this morning.

The City striker was furious after the official failed to award an ‘advantage’ in the final moments of the thrilling Premier League clash at the Etihad Stadium.

Haaland was fouled but managed to get up and pass the ball to Jack Grealish but Hooper stopped the game to award a free kick.

Haaland was one of several City players angry at the referee and he continued his protest after the match by reposting a video clip of the incident on the X site with the comment “Wtf”, a cursing slang.

Manager Pep Guardiola was unaware of Haaland’s post on social media when he spoke to reporters after the match, but referred to Haaland’s reaction in the middle of the pitch, admitting he understood the players’ anger.

“It’s normal,” said the City boss. “The reaction was the same as the other 10 players. The rules say you can’t talk to the referee or the fourth official, so our 10 players should be sent off today.

“He was quite disappointed. Even the referee – if he played for Man City today he would be disappointed with the action, that’s for sure.”

Guardiola tried to tone down his criticism, saying during a TV interview that he did not want to make the “Mikel Arteta comment”, referring to the Arsenal manager’s controversial comments after the game against Newcastle last month.

He added at the press conference: “I made mistakes, the players made mistakes.

“It surprised me because when Erling was dropped if you blew the whistle then it was ok.

“But when he got up and continued the match and the referee signaled to continue the game and after he (Haaland) made a pass he then stopped the match – I don’t want to criticize him.”